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These places and landscapes are part of Quebec regions or travel souvenirs.

©2014-2018, Aline Ménard
Les chutes de Notre-Dame de Montauban
©2014-2018, Aline Ménard
Rue d'Europe
©2014-2018, Aline Ménard
* En attendant l'été
©2014-2018, Aline Ménard
* Ciel d'hiver dans Charlevoix
©2014-2018, Aline Ménard
Grange fleurie
©2014-2018, Aline Ménard
* Souvenir d'antan

Just before you can see my paintings, a few words on this galery:  


> Click on the pictures in the lists to enlarge them.

> The titles preceded by an asterisk (*) are part of private collections in Canada and United States.
The other paintings are available for purchase.

> I do commission painting :  In that case, I discuss with you the subject of interest, size of the painting, price and payment terms. A certificate of authenticity is issued for each painting.

> All reproduction rights of the works are reserved exclusively to the artist.

> For more information go on Contact .

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©2014-2018, Aline Ménard

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